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Thursday, 4 February 2010

initial compostion for monkey-wire

sculptures made from negative-space.

These are a family of cardboard and acrylic collaged beings that I made awhile ago. After seeing the A.Fletcher exhibition , I can correlations with his and my work.

monkey figure-wire

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

quick sketch of me

quick sketch of my mum

Here is a sketch of my mother whom I got to pose for me for potential Instructional Design work that I am currently working on.

expressionist k-speak

This doesn't belong in my Uni Art Blog so it will live here where my erratic and sometimes unconnected off-the-cuff work resides.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

snippets of The 39 Steps

the effervesence of John Laurie.

piece of street collage


I took this photo at an all-nite laundermatte. There is something ethereal about these kind of places.

WYSIWYG collage

This is a paint and wood-block collage that was done a short time ago. It is based on the aesthetics of Gillian Wise and if you looke closely and squint a bit, it will look like what you think it should be...WYSIWYG.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

photo from the generator's rooftop

I took this one early on in the evening whilst staying at the Generator in that London. It was a great place to stay and I'd go there again......

two images of aborted abattoir

working class northern tea-time

I am a vegetarian so with hesitance, had to buy the Spam in.

first in line of lost childhood - bye, bye bike


evolution of tee-shirt design

I found my way into art design through tee-shirt design and fashion studies and here is a particulary nice point of evolution.

painting idea

I've had to do a tad photoshopping here but you probobly get the gist with what I am trying to achieve.
I need to to make the linear aspect more tactile...thinking of using enamel instead of acrylic.

Colour co-ordination

These photographs are taken from pre-demolished buildings. Even Rubble can be colour co-ordidinated

love collage

This is a lovely little collage that I did for Christmas. Very simple but effective.

experiment with night and street life

a greeting

This is an annexed building to the right of the main chamber that is ORGANIC ROBOTIX's creative main frame...beware, the lights may go out.